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The coroner service exists as a service to the living. The coroner investigates and establishes the circumstances and causes of a death for the benefit of:


» the bereaved, who wish to know how their family member came to die (the circumstances) and how those circumstances came about (the causes)
» medical science, so that it can learn from the circumstances and causes to as to advance medical care and to avoid future errors
» the public, who wish to be assured that the unexplained or violent death of one of its members is properly investigated in a manner that respects the needs of the bereaved and of medical science.


The Senior Coroner for the county is Mark Layton. His jurisdiction covers the full extent of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and the coastal waters surrounding them.

When he is not available, his work is carried out by Assistant Coroner, Gareth Lewis.

Office Staff

The administration of the coroner's office is carried out by Dave Friend and Maggie Julien. For historical reasons, they are known as 'Coroner's Clerks'. Normally, one or the other will be the person first seen or spoken to when calling at or phoning the office. They have certain limited powers delegated to them by the coroner and will be able to give information about the progress of an investigation.

The Pembrokeshire Coroner's Officer employed by the police is Jeremy Davies. He can be contacted at Milford Haven Police Station (mornings only) - Telephone 101.

The Carmarthenshire Coroner's Officers employed by the police are Hayley Rogers - Contact Number: 01554 740710, Email Address: and Malcolm Thompson - Contact Number: 01554 740713, Email Address: - They can be contacted at Llanelli Police Station between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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